Monday, August 1, 2011

Living the Future Today

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Closely linked to the future of journalism, the regulation and development of the worldwide web is of serious interest to those who seek truth and communicate it. Educators, researchers, elected officials and journalists all should have some kind of situational awareness as we proceed along the timeline now well into the 21st century. Some say that private industry should provide the answer, but as has been shown before, often that leads to "natural monopolies" which can avoid the interests of the public and make only a few players wealthy beyond anyone's imagination.

Welcome to Gig.U, and Internet2 and the next iteration of the internet. Once the world's first packet switching network developed as the ARPANET by the Department of Defense, the web is now emerging as a super-broadband infrastructure among research universities. (Are you listening, @UUtah and @uscannenberg ?) ImageProviders asked Elise Kohn (formerly assigned to the FCC as policy advisor) to comment on the latest effort at Gig.U. Not one to use words when a thousand pictures will do, we came up with the following material that explains the current thinking on the development of a new, worldwide web.

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